Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hiram Sibley Builds A Town

OK...Sibley is too interesting to do quickly.  I am not done the first of the posts of amazing stuff, which, while not horticultural, are too cool not to follow!  So, to buy more time, here are sample pages from his 1883 catalog and a fascinating glimpse into the mind of the man.  Read the pages at the end about his Burr Oak Farm and you will see what I mean.  Another seedsman who grows a town! 
Remember, he started all this seed stuff after he contributed to changing the world in other ways.   

Odd illustrations below...remind me of simple illustrations in a early child's alphabet book.

(Sorry about the size issue, but it is time for bed and this one escaped my attentions before.  It gets better after this one page. )

Reminds one of Floral Park, doesn't it?